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Budgie colouring book :-D

Posted by calzephyr77 on 2016.05.11 at 21:08
Hi friends, I turned some of my photos of my birds past and present into a colouring book. You can purchase it as a PDF from my Etsy shop and print as many times as you like for personal use. It's 13 pages of budgie colouring fun :-)


Feisty Times

Posted by calzephyr77 on 2015.10.11 at 09:48
I wrote this on September 10thI wrote this on September 10th, but forgot to LJ it., but forgot to LJ it here. Feisty will eat peas from my hand, but only if Muffin is getting peas!


I was so proud of Feisty yesterday. As you may remember, he is as wild and untamed as the day we got him from the humane society. Yesterday he ate two peas from my fingertips. Years ago I discovered that he loved peas and always put some in his treat hopper.

Muffin had to be on probiotics back in May as the vet thought his fecal bacteria count was too high. This included Sunshine Factor. Muffin wouldn't take the syringe, so I got creative and dripped the dose over peas and he ate them from a spoon. Feisty saw this going on and would shyly come to the corner of the cage closest to me. Want peas!

His desire was mixed with fear and he wouldn't eat them off the spoon. The budgies, being untamed, kind of tolerate my hand. When I change their food or water they grip the perch with apprehension even though it's only the bird lady that grabs them.

Yesterday I was feeding peas to Muffin as a treat by hand and Feisty ventured over to the corner of the budgie cage. He fluffed up his head. Want peas!

I squished a pea open and held it through the bars. He flapped away, then flapped back, unsure. He approached it with that trepidation familiar to all budgie owners - close enough to reach, but far enough away just in case. I realized that I was part of the problem. Feisty doesn't like to be looked at. At the humane society he tried to make himself as invisible as possible :). I looked away and after a few moments, I felt a little tug.

He ate another pea, then decided that was enough for one day. I put more peas in his treat cup. I can't wait to try again :)

birds, peaceful

Five Feisty Years

Posted by calzephyr77 on 2015.08.09 at 09:55
I took this picture the other week of Feisty, just before the fifth anniversary of when we adopted him from the humane society. Alas he was in the middle of a very hard moult, which shows. I found his papers recently too. It's so hard to believe - I had no expectations for his health when we got him, and he does have a tumour or something weird going on with him - his beak overgrows. I really have no idea how old he is, as he was an adult when we got him. He is still wild and untamed, but he's such a good budgie and so smart. He chows down on Zupreem and new foods and pushes Mellow out of the way for a lettuce bath. He's a very attentive spouse and preens Mellow every hour, it seems!

I suppose if I knew that I would be taking photos of him, I would have cleaned all of Muffin's powder off the mirror :-)


The Secret Life of Pets Movie

Posted by calzephyr77 on 2015.06.19 at 22:45
I hope there's a lot more of the budgie than in the trailer, and budgie toys too! The trailer can be watched here.


Doh :-D

Posted by calzephyr77 on 2015.06.07 at 09:05
I misread a friend's FB update as "galactic budgie" instead of "galactic bulge" and came up with this at midnight:



Love Budgies

Posted by calzephyr77 on 2015.04.02 at 23:04
My fids!

Love Budgies by calzephyr on DeviantArt


Sprout & Edmund Update

Posted by sugarplumjenday on 2015.02.11 at 20:25
They are good friends now. Both with unique personalities and individual quirks. Edmund eats his pellets and seed mix out of the dish now but Sprout still only eats his millet. I cover their cage around 8 pm, Sprout always notifies me of his bedtime by hopping up down so that I will come over and cover them up...so cute.

They are a joy to have around, a lot easier than my Jenday and GCC.

I had to give Sprout Cipro from the vet because he had started sneezing. He wasn't too fond of that! I was a little bit scared to handle him since he's so small, one night he even escaped from my towel and started flying around the bedroom. I finally caught him on a shelf in my closet.

They like to sit on their little swing together here they are!



Tee hee!

Posted by calzephyr77 on 2015.01.24 at 12:28
For sugarplumjenday...I am on my phone so I couldn't add a picture to my reply.



Meet Edmund!

Posted by sugarplumjenday on 2015.01.20 at 20:40
Another new little budgie, companion friend to Sprout.



My new budgie Sprout.

Posted by sugarplumjenday on 2015.01.10 at 12:44
Here's my new little budgie Sprout, I do believe he's a he. What do you think?


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