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birds, peaceful

Belated budgie introduction

Posted by calzephyr77 on 2015.01.08 at 22:16
We have had Mellow for almost a whole year - will post her story tomorrow!


birds, peaceful


Posted by calzephyr77 on 2014.08.17 at 10:14
I don't know who drew this, but LOVE!!!



Mellow Bellows

Posted by calzephyr77 on 2014.08.10 at 16:45
Eventually I will tell you all about our new budgie, but for now, this is all you need to know :-D Click for larger!


Budgie Budget

Posted by calzephyr77 on 2014.08.08 at 10:48
On the topic of budgeting, you don't know how many times I have typed budgie instead :-D




Posted by calzephyr77 on 2014.05.24 at 14:46
It's only taken me four years to make an icon for Feisty :-)


Budgies are a-holes!

Posted by jadedgeneration on 2014.05.22 at 00:52
I can't let my birds out much at the moment, because the weather is hot (a rare occurrence in Ireland!) and I need to have my window open. So today I got home around 3pm, shut the window, and decided to let them play. They shot out of the cage door like rockets, and flew around shouting. Such a lovely sight! I thought they'd go back in as usual after two hours, but no.

It was my dinnertime, so I ran downstairs and stuck my dinner in the oven, and ran back up. Curtain rail rules! I said "Cage!" and pointed, my old hen bird Yellow flew down, she's pretty obedient. The two little guys looked at me like "Hah, you really think that'll work?" I ran outside and grabbed their favour treat, dandelion leaves. I washed them then ran back up to my room. When I walked in the two young guys froze, on top of the cage. That's only two birds. Where is the third?! I froze too. Then I heard a sort of interrupted CAWCAWCAW and Yellow flew up from the floor, acting like nothing had happened. I'm suspicious. But I hung up the dandelion, inside the cage, hoping it would entice them.

Yellow loves treats so she hopped right in and started to eat (she makes her face green, so cute) and her boyfriend Cloud hopped in too. Drake kept watching me. Eventually he succumbed and wanted some treats too, so he hopped in the door, gave a tweet to Cloud, and Cloud FLEW BACK OUT.

My two brother birds act as a tagteam. When one is in, the other comes out. They cannot be caught, too nimble and wily for that, so my tactic is chase until tired, then catch. They don't even peck, they're not afraid. So I catch one, put him in, lock the cage, chse number two around. Once I've caught the second one, I'm exhausted! So when I open the cage door, the other flits right by my hand and flies around again.

I would never be without them; none of them are handtamed, but wow, so much fun. Cheeky, and too smart. They were teasing me today, I wanted them to go in, so they climbed all around the front of the cage, swung upsidedown from the door, twirled sideways on the side of the doorway, pretended like they were gonna jump in, then flew back out. Even my eight year old bird, who is usually so good, has got in on it.

They make my life complete! I love it. Even if some days I'm left in tears and screaming at them.



Posted by jadedgeneration on 2014.05.08 at 05:31
I don't know which of my three has learned to do this, but one of my birds knocks on the cage for attention.

I cover the cage at night, they stay in my room because I live in a shared house. But if I move in bed they wake and tweet, usually saying "shush!" is enough to make them settle down again. But in the last week one of them has started knocking on the cage! Like "tap tap tap" with their beak against the bars, or toys, or the plastic bottom of the cage. They're doing KNOCK KNOCK.... who's there? Well it's one of us three but good luck guessing which one!!

My two baby boys are a year and a half old now, going on two - Drake and Cloud. Yellow is my hen bird and she's going to be eight later this year. I think it's Cloud doing the knocking but I'm not sure.

I wanted to share because it's so incredibly adorable, and clever, but also so naughty!


Budgie introduction

Posted by mazz on 2014.04.19 at 15:31
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
(click images for full view).

Introduced the budgies today, so far so good, no real fighting, a bit of tussling over who gets the coveted fake branch.
Nimbus (blue and white) and Blizzard (white) seem to get along to far.

Now I need a couple boys haha. BUDGIE FLOCK BEGINS!

I'm in the market for an eye pop-up small tent, i saw a cool way to get your budgies comfortable with you in an enclosed area using a small tent filled with perches and toys.



Art Budgie

Posted by mazz on 2014.04.09 at 21:39

I was working on art, I had a little help tonight.

I accidentally another budgie.
I have her (I think it's a her) in quarantine for now, any tips on how long to keep her in quarantine before attempting introductions with Nimbus?

Her age is unknown she only has a solid color plastic band but nothing with information, she was found abandoned with a few other birds.
She stepped up at the humane society and I was sold.
I am pretty sure her name will be Blizzard.


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