linny (linnylooloo) wrote in budgerigars,

introducing a new parakeet.

i've decided to get a second parakeet, because i would like a friend for my only female. it was recommended to me to get a male, because apparently two females don't always get along very well. so i have questions!:

1. sorry if this is a REALLY stupid question, but are the birds that we buy at pet supplies plus spayed or neutered? is it even possible to do that to a parakeet? if i get a male to go along with my female, am i going to have any problems with them trying to mate?

2. how do i introduce the new bird? do i just bring it home and immediately put him in the cage with her? will they be okay? will they fight? should i purchase a smaller cage to keep next to her cage to keep him in for awhile until she's used to him?

3. does anyone know where to buy english budgies in ohio? i love my parakeet, but i would love a male english budgie! do they get along well? they are more or less considered the same bird, right?

i just don't want to bring home a new parakeet until i'm 100% sure on what to do; any advice or tips would be super appreciated!
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